Join Sarah Shannon, lead singer of The Not-Its for 45 minutes of music, movement and fun. 
This is a 10 week series for preschool kids ages 0-5 and their parents/caregivers.



The mission of Rockaboo is to enrich children's lives through music and movement.

Music and musical instruments help children expand their universe and develop memory, language, literacy and reasoning skills as well as the cognitive, social, and motor skills that are needed to excel in almost every aspect of life.


Rockaboo will introduce to preschoolers the musical concepts of dynamics (loud/soft), pitch (high/low), and tempo (fast/slow). We will also learn the fundamentals of songs (basic notes, rhythms, and melodies), as well as how to learn and even create a song. Preschoolers will ultimately have the ability to improve motor skills through dance and movement to match the rhythm and mood of the song.




 Rockaboo was developed by Sarah Shannon and Tom Baisden of The Not-Its.



Sarah Shannon

Sarah earned her BA in music from The University of Maryland with a focus on opera. She then embarked on her career in music as the lead singer in the Sub Pop band Velocity Girl.

Velocity Girl released 3 full length records and toured extensively in the US and Europe. After VG Sarah released 2 well-received solo records (the second of which made Amazon’s list of the best records of 2007).

When Sarah had children (two girls ages 5 and 7) the shift to children’s music came naturally and she formed The Not-Its with four other Seattle parents.



Tom Baisden

Tom is a special education teacher at Adams Elementary in Seattle. Adam’s is an arts immersion school that has won the Washington State Award for Excellence in Arts Education. In 2010, Tom received the Outstanding Educator Award from the Seattle Special Education PTSA

 Along with being an award-winning educator, Tom is an accomplished musician. He earned his punk rock stripes touring and recording with the popular east coast band Action Patrol. When he moved to Seattle, along with teaching, he kept the dream alive recording two albums with folk rock band Mostly Dimes.